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Thinking to get that bridal glow in a salon with chemical laded products? Why go to salons when you can get all that and more, at home, NATURALLY?


Try the Momsmade Naturals Bridal Kit and get:


  • 100% Natural glow after a single usage
  • Get that difficult tan off and an even skin tone
  • Smoother, shinier and thicker hair



  • Momsmade Naturals Face Healer (50gm)
  • Momsmade Naturals Haldi Body Scrub (250gm)
  • Momsmade Naturals Neem Hair Mask (250gm)


Time to ditch the chemical induced products and make a switch to natural! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED if no visible difference observed within a week of usage.

Self Care Kit

₹1,597.00 Regular Price
₹1,500.00Sale Price


    Momsmade Naturals face healer is a mixture of 30 natural herbs and minerals, all inspired from Ayurveda. You can mix it with milk or cream to form a paste and apply on your skin to heal it from within.


    Face healer works as a time reversal routine to bring back your skin to its natural state. Get ready for baby soft, smooth and bright natural skin! The ayurvedic ingredients used are so powerful that you will feel the difference within first use. And most important, it does not have any side effects as all elements are in natural form. We do not use any chemicals or preservatives. 





    Haldi has been used since ancient times as a prime ingredient in antiseptic as well as for skin. In India we even have a ceremony before the wedding where one applies haldi to the bride and the groom. All this to make them look bright and radiant on their best day.


    The Haldi body scrub has ingredients from the Indian kitchen: Haldi, Moong, Masur, Chana. The main ingredient, Haldi has magical benefits for skin. It is anti-inflammatory, fights acne, reduces sun damage and soothes dry skin. The scrub also contains sandal which boasts of cooling properties and is critical for tan removal. The anti oxidants in moong makes the scrub a magic potion for dull and dry skin. Give an exfoliating body scrub. Because my dear bride to be, self care is worth it!





    The confetti of Neem is a great coolant for your scalp. The amla mixed with other ingredients is rigid on the dandruff and soft on the hair. The shikakai induced hair growth and nourishes your follicles. The gunja makes your roots strong and reduces premature pigment loss i.e. greying of hair. The mask works wonders to wash away excess oil from the scalp and evens out your hair growth. 


    Don’t wait. Stop using harmful conditioners. Go natural! Time to let your hair down!

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