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Taruna Thakker



Ruchi Doshi

Branding & Marketing


Dr. Damini Khunepimpre

Ayurveda Specialist


Daxa Khambhayata

Logistics & Packaging

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Geetha Madhuri


It's our aim to change the perspective on natural skincare. In a fast paced world where we could hardly find time for ourselves, we resort to quick fixes. Often forgetting the fact that quick solutions suppress the problems. Natural skincare, used by the women of ancient India, works on solving the problem from the root. Focusing on these roots, it is Momsmade Naturals' aim is to bring clean, natural and sustainable solutions giving natural beauty its true meaning. 

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We are a women led business based in India. We aim to bring back chemical & preservative free, clean skincare for everyone and advocate sustainable beauty for all. As Ayurveda mentions, we love to focus on long terms benefits over short term results. Nature has all the answers to our woes. Trust nature.


We have roots in the treasure of Ayurveda and our preparation rely on the science of nature. Our philosophy is to provide the best skincare solutions using only natural ingredients - herbs and minerals. Our products are 100% natural, without any added chemicals. That's the reason most of our products are in powdered form - in it's raw form. 



We believe in having a fresh take on maintaining skin in its natural form using natural ingredients. NO chemicals. NO preservative, NO sulphates, NO parabens, NO artificially added acids or vitamins. People have observed miraculous benefits after using Momsmade Naturals products. All the products are made in small batches using fresh produce. It's time to switch back to natural! 


We take extra efforts to keep all our packaging, inner and outer eco friendly and sustainable. We follow a no chemical,

no preservative and no animal testing approach towards our brand. We make it our personal aim to bring awareness towards moving to a chemical free and sustainable way of living.

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