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The Momsmade Naturals Haldi body scrub is enriched with the goodness of more than 30 ingredients sourced from the very root of nature! Ayurvedic recipes that have been passed on from generations, grandmother to mother to daughters and now available for all of you. Every time you apply artifical chemicals that are acidic, you scar a very unique part of yourselves. Scalp and skin are fragile elements. They regenerates and heals itself when in contact with nature.


Haldi has been used since ancient times as a prime ingredient in antiseptic as well as for skin. In India we even have a ceremony before the wedding where one applies haldi to the bride and the groom. All this to make them look bright and radiant on their best day.


The Haldi body scrub has ingredients from the Indian kitchen: Haldi, Moong, Masur, Chana. The main ingredient, Haldi has magical benefits for skin. It is anti-inflammatory, fights acne, reduces sun damage and soothes dry skin. The scrub also contains sandal which boasts of cooling properties and is critical for tan removal. The anti oxidants in moong makes the scrub a magic potion for dull and dry skin. Give an exfoliating body scrub. Because self care is worth it!



Anti - Tan Haldi Body Scrub

    • Makes skin super smooth
    • Brings natural glow

    • Naturally exfoliates skin

    • Haldi’s antiseptic properties removes blemishes

    • De-tans skin

    • Brightens and lightens skin

    • Nourishes skin from within


    No side effects. 100% natural. Safe for kids


    Haldi body scrub is a combination of our Indian traditional “HALDI” or “PITHI” and natural herbs. It is so gentle yet effective that even kids can use it. 


    It can be used everyday as alternative of soap. (That’s what traditionally Indian brides do a few weeks before wedding!). Just mix it with water and aloe vera OR curd and indulge in luxurious natural bath


    Its not one time effect giving solution. Use it regularly and you will fall in love with it.

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