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How Indian Summers affect your skin: What to do

It's the season of the scorching sun again. Our body starts to show signs such as rashes, heat strokes, dehydration etc. as an indicator that you need to take time out to protect the skin as well as the body. It's essential that what we use on the skin and what we put in our body works towards helping ward of the summer issues.

Skin care is the most trending topic in today's generation. There is a wide range of products to choose from and this creates a cloud of confusion. With the change in time, the old age methods of skincare are again gaining importance. Ayurveda and skin care is the best combination. With time, we are realizing the importance of natural and ayurvedic regimes for body and skin.

As the scorching summer is approaching, every skin type goes through a number of changes. According to Ayurveda, summer is a ‘ushna’ season. (Ushna means hot in sanskrit). Hence we must incorporate ‘sheeta’ dravya (coolants) in our diet as well as for the application on the skin.

Our body needs a lot of fluid intake during the summers. It's recommended to have Siddha water for consumption. (Siddha water is the water infused with medicinal elements.) Add ‘ushir’ (vetiveria zizanioicles) and ‘dhana’ (coriander seeds) to your drinking water, this helps to keep the body temperature maintained. Include cow’s ghee, cucumber, cumin seeds, coriander seeds in your diet.

Summer comes with an increase in pitta dosha, that is the overall heat of the body which has its effect on the skin as well. Using cooling agents like sandalwood, multani mitti for lep helps in reducing the pitta’s effect on the skin. Shifting from chemicals to Ayurvedic skin care regime will always benefit your skin. Natural skin care regime goes a long way. Using natural and chemical free products for your skin keeps your skin healthy and away from damage. Use substances like neem powder, turmeric, lodhra, chandan, daru haridra, neem for your skin care.

Tips to beat summer heat-

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Eat water rich food.

  • Wash your face 3-4 times a day.

  • Use natural skincare products.

  • Use cold packs for your eyes.

  • Maintain hygiene.

  • Drink a lot of juices.

Momsmade Naturals has made it easy for you to have all the skincare at your fingertips. Momsmade Naturals Face Healer works as a natural coolant and helps pacify the pitta dosha associated with your skin. The Neem Hair Mask provides the perfect hair and scalp health which is required in this summer. They have all the natural products which are completely free of chemicals.

This summer enjoy your Summer days without its problems. Have a happy summer!

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