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Skincare Mistakes to Avoid this Summer for Flawless Skin

Hello beautiful people, we hope you are doing great! We are already into the hottest days of the year. Summer is already in and the heat is already taking a toll on us. Summer comes with its own problems. Here we are again to help you to cope up with the rising heat and taking care of the skin during the summer.

Let's avoid the following mistakes this summer and rock with the heat-

Wearing heavy makeup.

Wearing heavy make up during summers does not allow your skin to breathe. Cut back on the

make up for a glowing natural look this summer. For acne prone skin very make up while sweating is a major trigger for breakouts.

Not drinking enough water.

I know you might have heard this before, but it does actually hold that much importance.

During summer, our body tends to dehydrate especially during the hottest days. Dried skin and dried lips are also signs of dehydration. This summer replace your coke with natural juices and water. Hydrated skin looks the best and glowy.

Eating pitta vardhak food.

Eating food items which increase pitta dosha in the body is also a big no no during summers. A type of Pitta dosha is present in the skin. With the increase in pitta dosha, the pitta in skin also increases leading to rashes, redness, and breakouts. Avoid the food that aggravates the pitta.

Eg. The foods that are pungent, sour, too hot should be avoided, spices, alcohol, ajwain, apple cider vinegar, meat and fish, garlic in excess.

Not cleansing your face often.

Accumulation of sweat and sebum on the skin during the summers is the maximum. During this time maintaining optimum hygiene and keeping skin clean is important. Make sure you wash your face with a natural cleanser at least thrice a day.

Not covering your skin when outdoors.

Covering is the best protection that you can get. Therefore covering your skin and hair when you're outdoors will help reduce the skin and hair damage to a major extent. Covering your skin protects it from the pollution and the dust. This further helps reduce breakouts and also prevents tanning.

Using any random skin care mask.

Summer calls for using cooling herbs. Pitta reducing herbs must be included in the skincare during the hot season. These help in regulating the skin temperature and help reduce breakouts. Herbs like chandan, neem, vetiver, and face pack made of multani mitti are all cooling in nature.

Not including the correct regimen and diet.

During summer, Ayurveda recommends including sheeta (cold) substances in diet and routine. Try to include gulkand, cow’s ghee, amla, soaked almonds, flaxseeds, fennel seeds and kokam sharbat in summer.

So with all these tips and tricks, we hope that you have a great summer. To take better care of your skin and face, try out our 100% natural face packs.

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