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Why I started oiling my hair; again

Updated: May 31, 2022

Oil or No Oil for hairs? Come lets know

Application of oil to the scalp was a very common tradition in most of the Indian households. It came from our grandmothers to our moms and thereafter to us. But today's generation is quite hesitant and ignores this important tradition and an important element of the hair care routine. But do you know what we are missing out on by skipping it?

Let's find out.

Hair oiling is the same as skin moisturizing. As we have been told multiple times the importance of moisturizing skin, oiling is equally important for your hairs. Hair Oiling is a highly recommended practice in Ayurveda.

The scalp, according to Ayurveda, is composed of multiple energy-relieving points called marmas. Hair-oiling is seen as a rejuvenation tool. Oiling the scalp helps balancing the doshas that accumulate in the head.

According to Charaka Samhita, regular application of the oil to the scalp helps to prevent headaches. The complaints like baldness, grayness of hair, hair fall etc can be prevented by this. It makes the scalp strong and even the mind too. The hair root becomes stronger, hairs will be longer, thicker and darker (black) too. All the sense organs are revitalized and the facial skin also gets a good luster. Good and deep sleep is also achieved by this.

How and when to apply the hair oil?

  • For improving the quality of hair or to promote hair growth, it is advised to apply hair oil at night and take a bath the next morning.

  • Applying heavy hair oil during the day, after bathing is not desirable because it may attract dust and dirt over the hairs when you go outdoors.

  • You can keep switching hair oils every few days. Each oil has its own benefits. You can choose between coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, sesame oil.

  • It is advised to warm the oil before application.

So folks, let's relive the age old Indian tradition and check the magic yourself. To take better care of your scalp and hair, have a look at our 100% natural Neem Hair Mask below:

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